would often 뜻, 의미
would often
1. 자주~ 하곤 했다
When Tom visited his mother, he would often bring some flowers.
톰은 그의 어머니를 만나러 갈 때 자주 꽃을 가지고 가곤 했다.
She would often tell lies when she was young.
그녀는 어렸을 때 자주 거짓말을 했다.
She would often watch movies on TV late at night.
그녀는 자주 밤늦게 테레비로 영화를 보곤 했다.
She would often go to NY when she was in the US.
그녀는 미국에 있을 때 자주 뉴욕에 갔었다.
Emily would often come to see me when he was a child.
에밀리는 어렸을 적 자주 내가 있는 곳에 놀러 오곤 했었다.
She would often tell us interesting stories when we were young.
그녀는 우리들이 어렸을 때 자주 재밌는 이야기를 해주곤 했다.
When I was young, I would often travel alone.
젊었을 때는 혼자 자주 여행을 하곤 했었다.

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