as ~ as ever 뜻, 의미
as ~ as ever
1. 여전히~, 전과 다름없이~, ~변함없이
My sister looks as happy as ever.
내 여동생은 변함없이 행복해 보인다.
She is as healthy as ever.
그녀는 여전히 건강합니다.
She is as beautiful as ever.
그녀는 변함없이 아름답습니다.
I am as poor as ever.
나는 여전히 가난합니다.
Her grandfather is as healthy and strong as ever.
그녀의 할아버지는 여전히 정정하시고 건강합니다.
His uncle is as brave a stunt man as ever lived.
그의 할아저비는 매우 용감한 스턴트맨입니다.
He is as great a writer as ever lived.
그는 지끔껏 없었던가장 위대한 작가다.

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